For businesses that are considering hiring a marketing professional, save yourself time and money by outsourcing your marketing. Lower costs and no onboarding or HR. Your marketing mentor is on hand to answer your questions and progress your projects.


Do you dream of having a marketing advisor that you can bounce ideas off, who can provide you with direction and guidance on your marketing strategy?

As a business owner (who is often an expertise in a field other than design or marketing!) it can be difficult to navigate your way through the broad spectrum of marketing activities and knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it and who to target!

The MARKETING MENTOR and MARKETING MANAGER packages are designed for business owners who know they need to up their game and formulate a better marketing plan.

Marketing Mentor

Have your very own marketing mentor to bounce your marketing ideas off and help you formulate a clearer way forward with your brand strategy and marketing.

In the form of one-on-one coaching phone/Skype calls regularly, this package is for someone who needs that external and specialised guidance, who then can go forth and do-the-doing, or action the plan themselves.

This package is customised to your business needs, and is a minimum three month commitment to launch with.


For those that need a comprehensive marketing department, the MARKETING MANAGER package is for you.

If you were thinking of hiring a marketing professional in your business but would rather not endure the training/onboarding, not commit to the full time wage, the HR and administration and possibility of not finding the right person, this package is for you!

You will receive the MARKETING MENTOR inclusions ***PLUS***

  • An agreed credit of production hours each month for Kara to work on any aspect of your marketing projects, from branding and design, social media management and advertising, through to website maintenance and email marketing.
  • The unused production hours can roll over to subsequent months, and can be increased or decreased each month as required.
  • This package requires a minimum three month commitment to begin with and is paid at the beginning of each month.
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