I work hands-on with each step of your marketing journey so you have a cohesive brand voice and aesthetic and one point of contact throughout the design process.

A little bit about Kara
Kara de Schot Kara is redefining the way creative design and marketing services are delivered on the Sunshine Coast. Not content with the traditional agency model of moving clients from one account manager to the next, Kara launched her own boutique studio in January and Kara de Schot (the brand) was born.

The concept? Have one point of contact throughout your marketing journey that cares about how your business works and knows how to make your brand stand out.

Of course, Kara’s name was already synonymous with talented design and forward-thinking client service, with over a decade of experience behind her including Profile Magazine and What The Fox Creative.

With her own studio, she now partners more closely with businesses to provide all their creative and marketing needs both online and offline; from strategy, branding, websites to social media management and email marketing.

Kara is your ace marketing partner. And social media partner, design partner, publishing partner and advertising partner. “I wanted to have my very own creative business where I can truly give back to help others realise their own dreams in business,” Kara says. “I go into people’s businesses with the intention of understanding how they operate and wanting to help. I listen, so I know how their business survives.”

Kara knows that marketing is more than just making something look great. After all, a pretty logo or social media post won’t mean anything if a business isn’t making enough money to stay open. “Marketing serves a purpose, which is keeping the business afloat. If you don’t make money, it doesn’t matter what your logo looks like,” Kara says.

Her point of difference is a hands-on approach: she works on all projects personally to achieve cohesive branding to meet your marketing objectives. And when it comes to getting your message out there, consistency is key. One point of contact also means greater flexibility, quicker turnaround times and lower costs.

While most business owners are experts in their individual industries, that doesn’t always translate to engaging social media posts, kickass digital campaigns, a clever brand refresh or nailed-it logo design. In a lot of cases, businesses understand they need something but are just not sure what, or where to even start.

And that’s where Kara comes in, with the ability to work with businesses as their one-stop creative and marketing partner, taking client concepts and bringing them to life…and them some.

Have a project in mind? Get in touch with Kara at karadeschot.com.au, email at hello@karadeschot.com.au or call on 0423 634 010.
What Kara's Clients Say

Janice, Blink the Eyelash Expert

Kara has been a godsend! I’d been searching for someone to create a chic, clean, easy-to-use website for my new business but no one I had spoken to felt like they were the right fit for me or my brand… and then I met Kara. Having high expectations and a keen eye for detail, when I realised Kara was of the same ilk, I knew I’d found the one for me. Kara created a beautiful website that has received soooo much positive feedback; which she did in great time; met all my expectations (and then some!); and gave me honest advice and feedback along the way. It’s rare to find someone in business who is incredible at their craft, doesn’t try to upsell, possesses honesty and integrity; and is easy to work with.

Sharon, Disability Expo

Kara deSchot Creative + Marketing is the best thing that has happened to my business. Her straight forward thinking and design skills are unparalleled. Kara is great at making the difficult seem easy and is great at teaching me how to maintain my platforms (website, email marketing and instagram) – especially helpful when you have little or no idea of what you are doing. I often find myself recommending Kara to all types of business who need help in the marketing and on-line arenas of business.

Tanya, I Age Well

Kara you have always been consistent in creating amazing work, you listen to your clients and bring their ideas to life. I just love your work and would recommend you highly.

Alex, Women’s Lifestyle Expo

Kara, you do it to me every time. I always love the social media posts you create for me and then you go ahead and produce even better ones for the next month. Very happy. Thank you.

Tessa, GrowTurf

Working with Kara DeSchot has been a breeze. She was very patient with us when designing our logo and we loved that she gave us multiple options. We were very impressed with her research of our particular industry (Agriculture) and how she was not only able to offer us advice but took our feedback professionally and we felt we worked together to make a quality design. We look forward to continuing to work with Kara.

Rachel, Thrive Financial

Kara’s been a dream to work with. Everything she did, exceeded expectation. But the best bit about working with Kara was the excitement she brought to the table. Literally, this girl matched me for energy – and the ideas! Bam. Can’t wait for our next project together.

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